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Hello World!

Post by Kizaing »

Welcome everyone! If you are here, then like me you are a fan of the old browser game Legend of the Green Dragon. Sadly as the years have passed the biggest online community and resource for the game dragonprime.net is no longer maintained and is offline :(

This means that that the main location to obtain the game files as well as modules and themes is just... gone. As an enthusiast of the game I want to do what I can to keep this great community alive and thriving. My hope is to develop a new hub to contain modules and discussion about GD. A Rebirth of Dragonprime if you will.

As of the time of posting I just made this forum and certain things are scarce, but I hope to procure modules and various other things over the coming months to put on here for everyone to freely access.

Of course if you have any files yourself please upload them! The more the merrier.

Since the game is older, I will be posting instructions on how to run and install the game on modern systems, as well as certain modifications to get certain things working properly. I look forward to this community growing!

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