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Daenerys development

Post by Eliwood »

I started to continue the development of Daenerys. I'm currently preparing for the release of version 0.6.0, but there are still some features I want to integrate into both the core and the current crate. The create also offers a (currently quite limited) admin interface that can be expanded with modules, as well as a set of console commands for the most important work. With version 0.6.0, I'm abandoning the support for PHP < 8.

The game loop itself is nearly complete, meaning if you install all available modules, you could play the full game - albeit with a very small amount of features. Frankly, the only thing you could to is fighting, increasing your level, and killing dragons - but there is more to come as more features find their way into the core.

Two images are attached.
An image of the village scene, with an action to the forest
An image of the village scene, with an action to the forest
daenerys-village.png (25.37 KiB) Viewed 1219 times
An example of the admin toolbox.
An example of the admin toolbox.
daenerys-admin.png (21.56 KiB) Viewed 1219 times

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Re: Daenerys development

Post by Kizaing »

Oh wow that's fantastic! I hope to be able to run an instance of this at some point :D

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