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Project - LoGD-Sharped

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Hey guys

I'm the guy who posted this some Days ago on Discord
I played a long time ago (on a german server) and since then I hosted my own Server for a little time, mostly for experimental purposes.
Today I'm a computer science student and really interested into making the game to be technically kind of up to date.
And I know PHP 5 is way outdated and in my opinion even Up-To-Date PHP may not be the best choice for a Up-To-Date LoGD.

LoGD shoud be seen as an MMORPG (i know big words, but logically thinking - it is!), so here are my (technic) thoughts about bringing LoGD to a new level.
The current LoGD-PHP-code is way to old just repair it for current PHP. Sice every page of LoGD is filled with information from the SQL database, theese informations will be queryed A LOT! This causes overhead often resulting in lags.

(I am aware of the other revival-approaches, daenerys...)
Since i'm not that good in PHP for a complete rewrite, and PHP also lacks the ability of sharing information within the webserver (apache, nginx...) the aprroach to a modern LoGD will be an own server-software that serves the game to all Players.
So i'll try to make a small LoGD clone-prototype with the capabilities to be expanded to an up-to-date clone of LoGD.

C# with ASP.NET and its Kestrel-Server is the environment i'll use for that let's call it experiment.
Every thought, suggestion etc. is very welcome!!!
Since then i experimented a bit and brought the idea to Github.

Link to Github:

I'll keep you posted. Also i added some issues to track my Progress.
If anyone is interested in contributing - reach out to me. Even if you're completely new in C# or even programming.

So I'm going to slay a big Dragon now.
Maybe alone, maybe not
But it will fall!

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