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Core Modules

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Here is a pack of the core game modules that were originally packaged with the vanilla game.

  • Eric Stevens
  • JT Traub
  • dying
  • Red Yates
  • Talisman
  • CortalUX
  • John Collins
  • Joe Naylor
  • Matt Clift
  • Strider
  • Ben Wong
  • Atrus
  • Ville Valtokari
  • Sean McKillion
  • Shannon Brown
  • Elessa
  • Colin Harvie
  • Markus Wienhoefer
  • Kevin Kilgore
  • Jake Taft
  • Catscradler
  • Nightwind
  • Sneakabout
  • Chris Vorndran
  • Darrel Morrone
  • Andrew Senger
  • Jason Still
  • Booger
  • Christian Rutsch
  • Dan Norton
  • Lonny Luberts
  • Chris Murray
Thank you to everyone who worked on the core modules, wherever you may be now.

Just drop these in your modules folder for your installation, and you're good to go.

NOTE* For both the Drinks and Riddles modules

The installation code is very outdated and will most likely not work, so these modules won't install correctly. Your game won't break or anything, but the Riddles and Drink databases will not be created. Inside their respective folders I have created modified SQL scripts that will install it correctly on a modern database, and then they will work. It has been tested on MariaDB v10


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